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Flame is a network of African sisters online committed to strengthening the capacity of women through the use of ICTs to lobby, advocate and participate in the Beijing +5 process regionally and globally.

Flamme c'est un réseau électronique de femmes africaines qui utilisent les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (TIC) pour renforcer les capacités des femmes à influer, renforcer et prendre part au processus de Beijing+5 en Afrique et dans le monde.

At the time of the 5th Regional Conference on Women (Dakar, 1994) Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as an issue and as a tool for women's agenda was almost ignored. The ICTs for women issue was highlighted in the Beijing Conference, but poorly at the African level. Since then, the context of ICTs in Africa has evolved a lot, and different initiatives have been set up for women in the field of ICTs in Africa.

African women must seize the Beijing+5 evaluation process to use, get information, be trained and have their say in the ICT field as well as in the Beijing assessment process, within Africa and linking to the global processes. Thus FLAME/FLAMME: Sisters On-Line Website was developed by 12 committed women's NGOs to meet this need.

The representatives for the Africa region who will be included in the NGO coordinating committee, inputing at the Commission on the Status of Women Preparatory committee are (CSW PrepCom) are:

Joanna Foster, Executive Director,
Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF)

Sara Longwe, Chair,
African Women's Development and Communications Network (FEMNET)

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