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This section of the WomenAction site focuses on global resources to aid networking around the Beijing +5 review process, and the Outcomes Document. If you would like to contribute any links to relevant resources, please email them to


The Caucus Statements

Caucus on Women and Media in English, French and Spanish - New York, June 7 2000

The Linkage Caucus

Linkage Caucus Statement on the Outcomes Document

Statement on Widowhood to the UNGASS

Declaration of the European and North American Region NGOs in English and French


Other documents emerging from the UNGASS

The Global Alternative Report (Downloadable RTF file: 958k)
So far, 116 alternative reports have been received, logged and compiled into this NGO Alternative Global Report. A list with all alternative reports and their status can be found as an annex. Out of the 116 reports, 15 are regional reports, 59 are country alternative reports (some countries being represented with more than one report), and 14 are thematic/issue reports.

Right-wing anti-feminist groups at the United Nations - a report by Anick Druelle
This document includes an overview of the strategies adopted by right-wing anti-feminist groups in their attempt to oppose the work of groups campaigning for women's rights, in particular during the PrepCom meeting held in New York, 3 - 16 March, 2000.

North Shares Responsibility for Slow Progress in Beijing+5!: Members of the Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice (WICEJ)

What have we not done? Where have we gone wrong? - Devaki Jain's Presentation to CONGO

Feminisms and Globalisation: Women 2000

On Hermits and caves: woman talk

Abomination by Sri Lanka's Press Council

Ethnically motivated hate crimes against Roma women

WomenAction Press Release 27/05/00

Women in Development Europe (WIDE)

URGENT ALERT: ACTION NEEDED NATIONALLY NOW ON BEIJING +5 from Center for Women's Global Leadership

Call for paid breastfeeding breaks for mothers


Critical Areas of Concern
(as laid out in the Bejing Platform for Action)

Additional Critical Areas Of Concern (identified by the WomenAction Steering Committee) Summary of the WomenWatch Online Working Groups on the 12 Critical Areas of Concern

NGO Resources

The Global Alternative Report (this is a downloadable .rtf file)
So far, 116 alternative reports have been received, logged and compiled into this NGO Alternative Global Report.The report concludes with critical emerging issues and recommendations as perceived by the NGO community.

Followup Country Reports - Links to individual Government Reports, Alternative Reports, and Responses to the DAW Questionnaire

Ecumenical Women 2000 Plus
A coalition of women from denominational and ecumenical organizations, committed to being informed by and informing the discussions at the United Nations as they impact the global women's movement.

The Earth Times will produce daily editions during the UNGASS (June 5-9) 2000. A "curtain raiser" issue will be released on June 1, and a wrap-up edition on June 15.The regular daily Web edition of the paper has also started a special section devoted to exclusive coverage of Beijing+5 events:

Beijing Plus 5 NGO host Committee
The Beijing + 5 Host Committee is a diverse NGOs and individuals who support the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and will facilitate celebratory activities and communications strategies, appropriate in scope and scale, during the UN Beijing Plus Five Special Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGASS).

Conference of NGOs in consultative status with the United Nations (CONGO)

The WomenAction 2000 Alternative Assessment of Women and Media based on NGO Reviews of Section J, Beijing Platform for Action, also available in Spanish, is now online.

Read the latest edition of Preview 2000 - An occasional bulletin of the International Women’s Tribune Centre to cover plans and preparations for the 5 year review of the United Nations Platform for Action, an agenda for women’s empowerment that came out of the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995.

WomensWire web magazine was launched on March 8, International Women's Day, 2000 with a special edition covering the U.N.'s upcoming June review of the 1995 Beijing Women's Conference. The site includes a new archive section with articles on young women's activism and NGO access, as well as the latest news and views.

Petition from the APWW on NGO Participation at the June Special Session

Check our NGO Fact Sheet for the latest information from CONGO and the Organizing Sub Committee on NGO plans for Beijing.

Women, Ink.
A a project of the International Women's Tribune Centre to market and distribute books on women and development worldwide. It includes 250+ titles from publishers all over the world, and is the exclusive distributor of publications from the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).

UN and other 'Official' Resources

"Progress of the World's Women 2000", the first issue of UNIFEM's new biennial report.

Updated Proposed Outcomes Document submitted by the chairperson of the Preparatory Committee (released 4 June 2000)

Full list of of speakers for the General Assembly

Bejing +5 Press Kit

Followup Country Reports - Links to Government Reports, Alternative Reports, and Responses to the DAW Questionnaire

During the second week in February the governments held Informal Intersessional meetings on Beijing +5 for two and a half days in New York. They discussed the Outcomes document, the negotiation of the Political Declaration and NGO participation in the Special Session in June.

Read the "Gender on the Agenda: a Guide to Participating in Beijing +5" produced by UNIFEM and NGLS - now available at UNIFEM's web site.

The Beijing Platform for Action
This resulted from the Fourth World Conference on Women (1995), also identified women's human rights as a critical area of concern. It stated that the human rights of all women and the girl child must form an integral part of UN human rights activities.

IISD Linkages
A multi-media resource for environment and policy makers, which includes comprehensive coverage of many on-going negotiation processes.

UNIFEM's website on the General Assembly Special Session, including the official events leading up to the Five-Year Review of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing
The UNDP's site for the 5-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action. This web site provides information about UNDP's participation in the Review at global, regional and national levels.

UN/DAW: (UN Div. for Advancement of Women)
The Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW), as part of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) of the United Nations Secretariat, advocates the improvement of the status of the women of the world and the achievement of their equality with men.

UN/INSTRAW: (UN Institute for Training and Research for the Advancement of Women)
INSTRAW is an autonomous body of the United Nations to promote and undertake policy-oriented research and training programmes at the international level to contribute to the advancement of women worldwide.

UNDP/GIDP: (UNDP/Gender in Dev. Programme)
The Gender in Development Programme (GIDP) advises, supports and facilitates UNDP gender equality policy, dialogue and practice, and promotes the empowerment of women.

Women's Databases

International Information centre and Archives for the Women's Movement includes Databases of:
Catalogue and Bibliographical Files
Archives and Egodocuments
Database Women's Archives
Mapping the World
Database Research Women's Studies

Other UN Conferences

Cairo Programme of Action World Summit for Social Development
At the World Summit for Social Development, held in March 1995 in Copenhagen, Governments reached a new consensus on the need to put people at the centre of development. Five years on, they will reconvene in Geneva, this June, to review what has been achieved, and to commit themselves to new initiatives.

World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
This special segment of the United Nations Human Rights website is devoted to a Global Information Campaign aimed at mobilizing all sectors of political, economic, social and cultural life in the fight against racism and at promoting support for the objectives of the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance to be held in the year 2001. The information included in this segment provides a guide to activities, reports and studies on the subject.

Habitat II, Istanbul 1996

5-year Review and Appraisal of Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (ICPD+5)
Implementing the Decisions of the International Conference on Population and Development, including:
Report of the Round Table on Ensuring Reproductive Rights and Implementing Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes Including Women’s Empowerment, Male Involvement and Human Rights, held in Kampala, Uganda, 22-25 June 1998

UN Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, 1993 - Excerpts concerning Women and Human Rights from the World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna, 1993), January 1995

UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro 1992 - Excerpts from Agenda 21 1/ adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

Women and UNCED - Excerpts from Agenda 21, January 1995


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