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4th to June 9th, 2000
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Les Penelopes would like you, to meet and join them during six consecutive days, on "Cyberfemmes" to take part and follow in live the special session.

Programs will be held live fom 1:30pm to 2:30pm local time.

A chatroom will be open at 3:30pm GMT, 10:30pm in France. You are therefore strongly encouraged to participate to the online debate. You can also send emails with your comments, the team in New York, will post them the next day.

Program (as of today)

Sunday June 4th

MEDIA, with the members of WomenAction2000 of each regions Asia (Isis), Africa (ENDA), Latin America (Alai), Europe (IIAV) and the participation of Karen Banks (APCWP) et Anne Walker (IWTC)

Monday June 5th

ARMED CONFLICT and VIOLENCE with Africa (Ouganda) and East Europe participants

Special participation of a woman from Kosovo

Tuesday June 6th

GLOBALISATION with participants from Asia (India-Japan), United States

in relation to the three days devoted to this subject

Wenesday June 7th,

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH with participants from Asia (Arrow), Africa and a

special participation from PROCHOICE, France.

Thursday June 8th

ENVIRONMENT and FOOD SECURITY with participants from the Philippines, India, and Canada

Friday June 9th

Best-off, final, comentaries…

Programs will be held in French. News will be realized in French and the

English version will be available in text format in the "book" web part of

the TV. Les Penelopes will give the opportunity for the NGOs to share and talk about their ground work and fighting methods. Each participant will be speaking in its own language (English, French and Spanish). Their will be short documentaries, interview realized on the spot, illustrating each themas. A syntesis in French will be done daily by the news person of the day. Some crucial elements exerpted from the daily newspaper produced by WomenAction, as well as in depth text concerning the contibutors or on the subject treated during the programs, a photographic documenatry will be also available daily in the book.

All the programs will be available to see in archives.


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