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How to be involved in New York:

How to be involved away from New York

Join the B+5 NGO News Mailing list in English, French, or Spanish!
All the latest Beijing +5 news is now available on electronic mailing lists. To subscribe and receive regular updates via email just follow the links. Archives of messages are also available online in English, French and Spanish.

Make it a multi-media experience!
Read, listen and watch what's happening at UNGASS from anywhere in the world, by following the week's events on a live webcast, interactive TV, feminist radio and printed daily bulletins.

Get involved with your regional WomenAction 2000 Network

Urge your government to sign the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) now! Optional Protocol is an important addition to CEDAW because it provides a communications procedure that allows individual women or groups of women to submit claims of violations of rights to the CEDAW Committee.

Beijing+5 Information and Communication Strategies
Participate in the online consultations

Section J: Women And Media Review
Contribute to the review

Write to us at



Access an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version of the media accreditation form here

Accreditation of non-governmental organizations to the special session of the General Assembly entitled "Women 2000: gender equality, development and peace for the twenty-first century"
Follow this link if you want to be there, but don't qualify by having consultative status with the Economic and Social Council or accreditation for the Fourth World Conference on Women

Pre-registration for Credentials for NGO Activities at the US Custom House in New York is requested by May 15th, although overseas people should be able to register on-site when they arrive in New York. The events at the US Custom House are being organized by the US Host Committee, mainly for NGOs who do not have accreditation to the UN.
You can receive the relevant form via fax from:
- calling: 1-212-228 9605
- faxing: 1-212-2600984
The form is also available online at:
There will however be other NGO events going on at the Church Center at the UN for which no registration is required, as well as events at other locations in New York, including an outdoor welcome gathering on Friday afternoon June 2nd and an opening ceremony on Monday June 5th.
Although the US Custom House and the UN have space limitations efforts are being made to ensure that events are organized in other places which will are open to all.

See also the latest Beijing +5 Update Factsheet (#6, 22 March 2000)

Check the following links for accredited NGOs:

List of NGOs that are in consultative status with ECOSOC and/or accredited to the Fourth World Conference on Women (ECOSOC/Beijing NGOs)

List of new non-governmental organizations accredited to the special session (5-9 June 2000)


Beijing+5 Fact Sheet Updates

The Fact Sheets contain information regarding the Beijing+5 Process. They attempt to provide information as it becomes available. New or changed information will appear in future editions.

Beijing+5 Fact Sheet Update #7 (28 May 2000), includes information on:

  • NGO welcome gathering
  • NGO working sessions
  • Resumed prepcom deadline information
  • NGO morning briefings
Update #1 (4 February 2000)
Update # 2 (6 March 2000)
Update #3 (22 March 2000)
Update #4 (30 March 2000)
Update #5 (27 April 2000)
Update #6 (22 May 2000)


Useful Contacts

For more information on WomenAction 2000, contact Karen Banks APC-WNSP UK:

For information on specific projects taking place at the Special Session in June, contact:

Interactive TV: Joelle Palmieri, (Les Penelopes) France
email : (throughout UNGASS, thereafter:

Radio: Maria Saurez, FIRE Costa Rica

WomenAction Newspaper: Daphne Plou, APC Argentina

African newspaper:

Media Caucus: Susana George Isis-International Manila, The Philippines
email: and Sally Burch ALAI, Ecuador

Media Outreach: Ma. Victoria Cabrera Balleza Isis-International Manila ,The Philippines


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